Block Island
Identified by the Nature Conservancy as "one of the twelve last great places in the western hemisphere," Block Island is a natural paradise of beautiful sandy beaches, soaring bluffs, quiet coves, spectacular vistas, and miles of nature trails.
Block Island is a place that moves at its own pace and is known for a relaxed way of life. It's where "dressed up" means a pair of shorts. Islanders speak of going to the mainland as going "off island" - an expression of the feeling that Block Island is its own entity, as unique as the North Light or the 250-foot bluffs.
More than 350 freshwater ponds (from natural springs) and 17 miles of beach invite you to jump in the surf, spend a lazy afternoon building a sandcastle or walking for miles discovering unusual rocks, shells, or starfish. Indulge in the novel you've never finished or just take a snooze.
Most importantly, Block Island's relaxed pace and casual charm let you escape the frantic pace of mainland life to the pleasures of a simpler time.
This island is ours and this island is yours. Enjoy it and be kind to it.